Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Primrose Najjemba / Uganda

Province: Kibaale
City: Kagadi
Age: 21

Class of 2013-2016

Scholar: Perejitei Bekewe Scholar: Rumbidzai Hove

Primrose has lived in the village of Kagadi in Uganda’s Kibaale province her whole life. During holidays, she would help out on the family’s farm, gradually growing to enjoy agriculture.

Now at EARTH, Primrose is ready and willing to learn everything. She wants to return to Uganda to “help my country. Here they take and utilize every little thing, all the resources. They don’t waste. In my country there’s a lot of waste.” Not only does she want to teach recycling back home, but she also wants to return as an agricultural teacher and leader. Primrose wants to travel around the country, teaching farmers all that she learns at EARTH in order to help them increase crop production. Primrose also dreams of owning a farm that can serve as a learning resource, a classroom, for anyone interested in learning more about agriculture.