Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Perejitei Bekewe / Nigeria

Province: Ondo
City: Arogbo
Age: 25

Class of 2012-2015

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Scholar: Pedro Álvarez Scholar: Primrose Najjemba

Perejitei was born and grew up in the medium-sized city of Arogbo in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. He learned about agriculture while helping his father on the family´s farm. Witnessing the environmental destruction due to oil exploration in his country also moved him to learn about environmental policy. In addition to the environmental damage, many Nigerians also still lack electricity, a basic modern need. For these reasons, Perejitei says his first priority when he returns to Nigeria is to generate sustainable electricity and he is particularly excitement about biofuel, biodigesters, and the energy potential of sugarcane. He embraces entrepreneurship, and ultimately, he hopes to help ordinary people by diversifying the economy. For him, “It’s all about having a good heart toward your country and toward the world.”