Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Paul Mukuye / Uganda

Province: Kampala District
City: Kampala
Age: 26

Class of 2013-2016

Scholar: Oketch Peter Onyango Scholar: Perseverança da Delfina Khossa Mungofa

Paul’s family lives in Kampala in an area called Kitebi within the Rubaga region of Uganda. During holidays, the family travels to a village where they help plant crops which are later sent to Paul’s community in town.

Paul has had the desire to become a plant pathologist after witnessing the diseases that wipe out whole crops of cassava and how that affects his community members who live in the town and villages.

Having grown up in a city that breathes car fumes and factory smoke, Paul, now on EARTH’s campus, shares that he “was wishing to see this kind of environment. In Uganda…you rarely see such beautiful surroundings.” Deforestation is another major problem in Uganda, and Paul now sees biodigesters as a possible alternative to firewood that could help preserve the environment. Paul wants to return to Kampala after graduation to teach his community all that he learns at EARTH University.