Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Nahom Ghile / Ethiopia

Province: Shewa
City: Addis Ababa
Age: 19

Class of 2013-2016

Scholar: Wendy Almeyda Scholar: Aaron Josué Fernández Cubillo

Nahom’s family lives in Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa.

In school Nahom recognized deforestation as a major problem in Ethiopia. “The fertile land is changing to desert, because [the people] only think of the wood they need today. So they go and they get the wood and don’t plant replacements.” Along with deforestation, he also realizes that while a large majority of Ethiopia is “engaged in agriculture, our farmers work hard, but they still die from starvation. They don’t know how to produce or cultivate.”

Nahom dreams of bringing food security to Ethiopia. He plans to organize the farmers back in Ethiopia in order to train them to use the land properly in order to yield better harvests. A lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS has led to discrimination against those whose parents have died from the disease, and Nahom hopes to change that too.