Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Milton Raúl Rivas / Nicaragua

Province: Matagalpa
City: Matagalpa
Age: 19

Class of 2012-2015

Scholar: Miguel Díaz Rodríguez Scholar: Nelby Yajaira Paz-Águilar

Milton grew up in the Paz y Reconciliación neighborhood of the Lower Waswalí Valley in Nicaragua. He remembers his father teaching him to plant corn and beans at a young age, and he has been interested in nature since then.

He channeled this interest into his volunteer gardening and conservation work in high school. As an aspiring agricultural entrepreneur, he envisions someday creating not only jobs in his home region, but also providing incentives for people to reinvest in natural resources. EARTH’s emphasis on combining freedom with responsibility particularly excites him.

Although he has only spent a short time here, he feels the University has already transformed his perspective on leadership and caring for the natural world.