Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Mercy Yuliana Santamaria Gaona / Colombia

Province: César
City: San Alberto
Age: 19

Class of 2012-2015

Scholar: Maybelle Dennisse Flores Escobar Scholar: Miguel Díaz Rodríguez

Mercy comes from Bucaramanga, a city in northern Colombia’s Caribbean region. Agriculture is an important part of Mercy’s family heritage, and while in high school, she worked with a group to create a botanical garden and a garden program for children.

She learned about EARTH through a graduate who works with her father, and the school’s innovative, socially and environmentally progressive model of agricultural education compelled her to apply.

When she completes her degree, she looks forward to empowering her home community with her EARTH training. She hopes to serve as a positive leader and wants to show people in her country that with perseverance, “we can do it,” she says.