Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Karla Estefania Vega Vargas / Bolivia

Province: Cercado
City: Cochabamba
Age: 17

Class of 2012-2015

Scholar: Juana Gabriela Popoca Tetatzín Scholar: Liliana Armero Guerrero

Karla grew up in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia. She has taken advantage of every opportunity to learn about the environment in school, whether about plant cycles or water filtration systems.

She feels excited to study at EARTH, which combines her interests in business and sustainability perfectly, and she loves the school’s hands-on approach to learning. She feels a special connection to her fieldwork at the University, too, because her grandfather was originally a farmer, and when she is working in the field she feels closer to him.

His memory has strongly inspired her to educate herself and her community about sustainability. Her goal is to return to Bolivia with her EARTH training and help teach her community the agricultural and environmental knowledge it “truly needs.”