Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Fredy Alexander Lobos / El Salvador

Province: Santa Ana
City: Santa Ana
Age: 19

Class of 2013-2016

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Scholar: Francisco Pacheco Scholar: Gustavo Alejandro Patzer

Fredy grew up just outside the city of Santa Ana, El Salvador. His grandparents grow coffee on their land, and as Fredy was growing up, they would let him help with the coffee production as well as with the fruit trees.

After graduating from EARTH University, Fredy wants to have a farm and grow coffee and bananas. He has watched overpopulation in El Salvador lead to high unemployment rates and hopes his farm will create jobs for his extended family and community. Fredy wants young people to be able to have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. He plans to one day create a fund to help more students attend EARTH. Another one of Fredy’s dreams is one inspired by his father. After his father taught him how to drive, Fredy has dreamt of traveling around the world “in an electric car to show people the capabilities of alternative energy and raise environmental awareness.”