Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Francisco Pacheco / Mexico

Province: Veracruz
City: Huatusco
Age: 19

Class of 2013-2016

Scholar: Flor de María Castellanos-Bosarreyos Scholar: Fredy Alexander Lobos

Francisco grew up in Sabanas, a community near Huatusco, Veracruz.

The water contamination in his community has inspired Francisco to look for a solution that could treat the water not just in his region, but everywhere else that needs treatment, and he plans to have his own company. Francisco has also noticed there are a lot of areas in Mexico that do not place an emphasis on education, resulting in high numbers of uneducated communities. He hopes to create organizations that will reach out to these communities and ensure they have access to an education.

Francisco has another dream that is especially dear to him. Near his home in Sabanas, there is a waterfall that his grandparents tell him used to be breathtaking. People and tourists would travel all the way to Sabanas just to see the waterfall. However, as the water grew contaminated, the waterfall stopped drawing crowds. Francisco, with his plans to find a water purification system, wants to make sure the waterfall is restored to its former glory and hopes to explore the option of ecotourism in his community.