Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Cristian Josué López Sorto / Honduras

Province: Comayagua
City: Siguatepeque
Age: 19

Class of 2012-2015

Scholar: Cleurys Reyes Medina Scholar: Damoy Matthews

Cristian grew up in a forested area of Honduras near the small city of Siguatepeque, which helped instill his love of nature.

He attended an agricultural high school and embraces a practical, hands-on approach to learning, commenting, “It is one thing to say, and another to do.”

Someday he hopes to manage a small company, through which he will provide employment to the community and grow bananas, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Furthermore, as an agronomist, he plans not simply to offer technical advice to people, but also to walk them through the steps of achieving sustainable production, empowering them with a real understanding of agricultural issues.