Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Cleurys Reyes Medina / Dominican Republic

Province: Dajabón
City: Dajabón
Age: 18

Class of 2013-2016

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Scholar: César Alifonzo Scholar: Cristian Josué López Sorto

Cleurys was born and raised in Dajabón, the capital of the province of Dajabón in the Dominican Republic.

A lack of education has left many people in Cleurys’ community without opportunities. She wants to apply what she learns at EARTH University back home in order to teach people how to work the land so they can support themselves.

Even as a young girl, Cleurys was aware of child abuse in her community. Unemployed parents, or parents who do not want to work, send their children out on the streets to beg instead of sending them to school. Cleurys has also noticed that during recent years more and more elderly are living on the streets. Many of them are on the streets because their families abandoned them. Cleurys wants to “start a home for them, a cheerful home with music and where the whole community is involved to help.” She also dreams of creating foundations to support children in need, orphans, and single mothers, all as part of an effort to ensure the people in her country have futures to live for.