Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Betzi Vivianna Salas Jiménez / Costa Rica

Province: Limón
Town: La Rita
Age: 23

Class of 2012- 2015

Scholar: Betania Jesuslí Taquiva Ramírez Scholar: Brismyri Olivo Rodríguez

Betzi comes from the small town of La Rita in Costa Rica in the province of Limón. Inspired by both of her parents, Betzi has served as a community administrator, directly coordinating training activities for organic farmers in different communities in the region.

Working with them to address shared ecological problems, she has planned many workshops and seminars on sustainable cultivation, hydroponics and forest conservation.

While at EARTH, she hopes to learn ways of mitigating climate change and using new technologies for businesses, thus achieving the goal of “producing by conserving, and conserving by producing.” She will eagerly share her new knowledge with her community.