Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Noella Umuraza / Rwanda

Class of 2017-2020

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Scholar: Newton Saye Torlon Jr Scholar: Norman Mugisha

Noella is from a suburb of Kigali, the capital city, where her mother works as a farmer. Noella has long been interested in increasing her knowledge of agriculture. “I want to study agriculture because my country depends on it. Agriculture is the source of all sectors, and in the future we need to adapt our understanding of it.” Noella was involved in many school clubs during high school. Through her volunteer group called Hope for the Future she raised funds, food, and clothes for orphan children in the community.

After an EARTH representative visited her school, Noella knew she wanted to apply. She has many goals for her time here at EARTH. “In my country, bananas are an important crop but there are many diseases that attack bananas. Here one thing I would like to learn is how to manage and eradicate these diseases.”