Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Newton Saye / Liberia

Province: Nimba
City/Town: Sanniquellie
Age: 23

Class of 2014-2017

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Scholar: Neema Kasilo John Scholar: Noella Umuraza Rutayisire

Newton is from Sanniquellie in the Nimba province of Liberia. He has extensive experience in agriculture and once organized his own plantain farm and managed to cultivate a great crop, but lacked transportation to sell the fruit in the market.

He is especially excited about the entrepreneurial emphasis at EARTH, and hopes that his next attempt to own his own business will be much more successful using the knowledge he will gain. He also wants to radically change the rice industry in Liberia, with the help of his countrymen who are also attending EARTH. “We are five or six students from Liberia here at EARTH, and we have talked about opening up a rice farm in Liberia and hopefully growing 50% of the country’s rice to help the country get moving forward. Most people in Liberia eat imported rice, and it is very expensive. When there is enough food at an affordable price, there will always be happiness.”