Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Malumbo Praise Mkandawire / Malawi

Province: Mzimba
City/Town: Mzuzu
Age: 20

Class of 2015-2018

Scholar: Lungowe Mulozi Scholar: María Fernanda Romero

Malumbo grew up in Mzuzu, an urban city in Malawi. After graduating high school, she received a small grant and started her own business, selling grocery items and vegetables from her own garden. She says of her entrepreneurial experience, “I enjoyed it because I was working for myself and making a good profit. Once I had a bit of money, I started buying pens, pencils and notebooks for underprivileged schoolchildren in my town to encourage them to stay in school. I want to change my community by having more educated girls and boys.”

Malumbo chose EARTH because, “I want to study agriculture because in my village we have so much that is going to waste because of chemical fertilizers. When I return to Malawi I want to transform the area and teach them how to manage crops without contaminating the environment.” She is excited to gain more skills through so that she can expand and improve upon her business at home (which is being managed by her mother in her absence.)