Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Christopher Mujjabi / Uganda

Province: Wakiso
City/Town: Kasangati
Age: 20

Class of 2014-2017

Scholar: Chokera Rufaro Scholar: Cristian Darcy Andrade Huamán

Christopher Mujjabi was born in the Wakiso District, near the capital of Kampala, Uganda. His community is rural and underdeveloped.

Christopher was drawn to EARTH University for its focus on agriculture and experiential learning. He hopes that he can learn new farming techniques at EARTH that will help his mother (a subsistence farmer) and people like her to produce a large amount of food on a small piece of land.

“I know that when I finish at EARTH University, I will have much more than just a piece of paper to show to future employers. I will have practical experience and skills and be able to deploy them and development myself and my community.”