Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Bleck Tabeh / Cameroon

Class of 2017-2020

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Scholar: Aymara Vanessa Paiva Gómez Scholar: Brenda Bih Chi

Bleck is from Moliwe, a small town in Cameroon comprised mainly of people who work for a plantation that produces rubber, bananas, and palm oil. From the ages of five to eleven he worked on his grandfather’s cacao farm. From that experience he knew he needed to continue getting his education in order to one day work for himself and make change in his community. Although many of the young people in his community drop out of school at the primary level to work for the plantation, Bleck was one of the ones who made it to and through high school.

When Bleck found EARTH University and the Mastercard scholarship online, he knew it was the perfect place for him. “I know that EARTH selected me because they believe I have a dream to help my people, and they can use me to help my country. I will go back and give back. I want to set myself as a role model in my area and to teach young people that if you have a dream to excel, no matter what you do, you can always work hard to get you where you want to go.”