Nahom Ghile / Ethiopia

Province: Shewa
City: Addis Ababa
Age: 19 Class of 2013-2016

Aaron Fernández / Costa Rica

Province: Limón
City/Town: Ceibu
Age: 17 Class of 2014-2017

Adriana Marcela Forero Gallego / Colombia

Province: Valle del Cauca
City: La Unión
Age: 24 Class of 2014-2017

Alex Kyeyune / Uganda

Province: Kampala
City/Town: Nakaseke
Age: 24 Class of 2015-2018

Antonio Afonso Timóteo Júnior / Mozambique

Province: Sofala
City/Town: Ciudad de Beira
Age: 19 Class of 2015-2018