Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Yuleisy Zúñiga / Costa Rica

Province: Limón
City: Guápiles
Age: 19

Class of 2013-2016

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Scholar: Wilmer Paz Scholar: Nahom Ghile

Yuleisy’s family is from Costa Rica and before arriving at EARTH University she was living in the nearby town of Guapiles.

After graduating she wants to create sustainable farms that will each support several families. She plans to teach the families how to care for the environment, as well as teach them sustainable farming. They, in turn, will work the land and livestock in order to be self-sufficient.

Yuleisy also wants to have a farm near Guapiles so she can invite students from EARTH to visit her farm. “I love the diversity of cultures on campus and would also like to help people see the beauty in meeting those from different countries.” For Yuleisy, “It’s truly a gift to be able to come here and one day, if I’m able to, I’d love to financially support students’ studies just like The MasterCard Foundation is supporting me.”