Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Tamba Abdulai Konah / Sierra Leone

Province: Eastern Province
City: Kono District Headquaters
Age: 25

Class of 2013-2016

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Scholar: Sindy Ramos Pocón Scholar: Wendy Almeyda

Tamba’s family lives in Kono District Headquarters in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone.

In 2009, when the secondary school imposed school fees without telling the students, Tamba and a few friends created Koyandu Farm Development Association, an agricultural group in Koyindu Village 43 kilometers away from Kono District Headquarters. Over the years the group has grown from the initial 50 members to over 200 members. The cassava farm now also produces rice. The profit is used to cover school fees for students to attend secondary school.

Tamba has known he wants “to study agriculture, because in the whole of that area there is nobody who can carry out commercial farming. If I study agriculture and I go back there to develop, it will go very fast, because I was a small boy then when I decided to make a group and almost got the whole area [involved]. I’m fortunate to study agriculture and with the experience I know I can do even more than before.” After he completes his studies at EARTH, Tamba plans to return to Kono District Headquarters to continue growing the organization and to create many job opportunities for those in his community.