Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Sindy Ramos Pocón / Guatemala

Province: Guatemala
City: Villa Nueva
Age: 20

Class of 2013-2016

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Scholar: Shamir Mateo Carrillo Scholar: Tamba Abdulai Konah

Sindy is originally from the city of Villa Nueva in Guatemala. Sindy had the opportunity to attend the National Central School of Agriculture, or ENCA (Escuela Nacional Central de Agricultura) for secondary school. During her time at ENCA, Sindy realized she wants to raise awareness about climate change and teach others how to care for the environment.

Sindy plans to go to a region of Guatemala called Petén, which means “country with lots of forests” in the regional native tongue. Petén, once covered by forests, has suffered from extreme deforestation. “It saddens me to see the deforestation. I wish I had seen it when the land was still covered in forests.” Sindy sees a lack of agricultural knowledge as one of the main reasons for the deforestation. She hopes to work on overseeing the reforestation of Petén. She also dreams of starting her own organic fertilizer company.