Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Juan Manuel Zamora / Nicaragua

Province: Esteli
City: Pueblo Nuevo
Age: 18

Class of 2013-2016

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Scholar: José Fautino Chuj Matul Scholar: Juana Gabriela Popoca Tetatzín

Juan’s family lives in Pueblo Nuevo, a municipality in the Esteli Department of Nicaragua.

Following graduation, Juan has many dreams for his community and Nicaragua. He “decided to study agronomy to become a leader of change in my country, to improve the level of production, aid in reforestation efforts, and to serve my community.” Juan wants to learn better methods and techniques at EARTH University in order to improve farming and forestry practices in Nicaragua. He plans to start his own company that will teach sustainable practices to small producers and aid low-income families. One of Juan’s biggest dreams is to work with the Catholic Church in his community to build an orphanage for the region. In Nicaragua, he sees children begging on the streets instead of going to school and wants to give them a home and a future. Juan hopes to build a technical school with a focus on agriculture and forestry. The school will give orphans and other low-income students an opportunity to study and increase their environmental awareness.