Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Diana Muñoz / Colombia

Province: Huila
City: Pitalito
Age: 18

Class of 2013-2016

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Scholar: David A. Monjane Scholar: Diana Rocio Tum Castro

Diana’s family lives in the town of Pitalito in the Huila region of Colombia.

Diana wants to return home after graduating from EARTH University and introduce sustainable agriculture to her family’s region in Colombia. She plans to start her own precision agriculture company. Once the company has grown, she hopes to create an organization that will teach people how to care for the environment, as well as how to plant and grow crops and gardens. Diana believes that “people need to be taught the ‘why’ along with the ‘how’ so they learn how to care for the environment and know why they’re caring for it.” She also hopes that, just as The MasterCard Foundation is helping her, her organization will be able to help young people access higher education. Diana has also not forgotten that there are contaminated rivers and streams back home. She plans to have her company address the issue since water is the “natural resource we need most and use the most and we need to learn how to utilize it better.”