Plant a tree on EARTH University´s campus!
The I Plant a Tree campaign provides the opportunity to plant a tree, native to the tropics, in the institutional gardens.
A donation of $250 includes planting a tree, a personalized plaque and the privilege of visiting the tree whenever you like.
When you plant a tree, you contribute directly to our financial aid program. In this way you join us in our mission to preserve natural resources and foster ethical values through our students´ learning process.
The campaign features three types of forests:

Forest of Hope: A space dedicated to honoring special people and milestones, such as anniversaries, birthdays and other joyous events.

The Memory Forest: Here we pay homage to loved ones who are no longer with us. On our campus, their memory and legacy live on.

The Christmas Forest: The holidays are a time of giving. Instead of cutting down a tree this season, you can plant one, giving our planet the perfect present.

For more information:
Call: +506 2713 0324


The I Plant A Forest campaign offers ecologically-responsible companies the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of natural resources by planting 400 trees on one acre.
Through this campaign, EARTH shares its experiences with institutions and organizations that, guided by their social and environmental awareness, may be interested in a “hands-on” learning approach.

This is how we do it
To plant a forest, EARTH and the company work as a team. EARTH´s collaborators take charge of preparing the land several days before planting, and make sure all necessary materials are there. The day of, the company volunteers come to our campus, in Guácimo, Limón or in Liberia, Guanacaste, to plant the 400 trees.

Species that we plant
At EARTH we believe in strengthening biodiversity. For this reason we only plant trees that are native species, including: Vochysia guatemalensis (white yemeri), Hyeronima alchorneoides (pilon), Calophyllum brasiliense (Santa María), Jacaranda copaia (huamansamana) and Pentaclethra macroloba (gavilán), among others.

To participate in the campaign
To plant a forest on our land, a company donates $7,500. This donation contributes to EARTH´s academic program and covers forest maintenance for four years, allowing most of the trees to grow strong and healthy.

Come plant a forest with us!

For more information:
Call: +506 2713 0324