How you can give

Online: Here

Mail: Download Pledge Form Commitment (1383 downloads) Pledge Form (1499 downloads) Phone:
EARTH University Foundation (United States): +001 404-995-1230
EARTH University (Costa Rica): +506 2713-0000

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Matching Gifts:
Look for your company’s specific matching requirements on its website, or consult with your Human Resources department. We invite you to include your company’s matching gift form with your personal contribution.

In-Kind Contributions:
Gifts in-kind, if compatible with the University’s mission and needs, may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Foundation for details at


Plant a tree on EARTH University´s campus!

The I Plant a Tree campaign provides the opportunity to plant a tree, native to the tropics, in the institutional gardens.

A donation of $250 includes planting a tree, a personalized plaque and the privilege of visiting the tree whenever you like. Read more.

Donor Trees