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Safety and Security

Costa Rica is widely considered the most secure country in Central America and one of the safest in the Western Hemisphere. For added peace of mind, EARTH University’s campus maintains a robust 24/7 security presence. All visitors must present appropriate credentials to our security personnel before entering campus. Additional security personnel patrol campus on motorcycles and bicycles to ensure the protection of our students, faculty, staff and approved visitors.

Medical Center

The EARTH health clinic boasts an ‘always-on’ staff of fully certified doctors, nurses and paramedics. Low-cost, non-emergency medical appointments are also available, Monday through Saturday.


EARTH University’s campus is located right off of Highway 32, approximately halfway between the capital city of San José and the Caribbean port city of Limón. Since the academic and residential buildings are located around 6 km (3.7 miles) from the main entrance, you will find almost everything you need on campus.


Option 1: Student Dorms

Student Dorms BuildingsStudent DormsAt EARTH, you can share a dorm room with a classmate of a different nationality in one of our 13 gender-specific student residence halls. Some of our housing facilities even feature energy-efficient lighting, solar-powered water heaters, and a rainwater collection system for toilets!

Within each room, you will have your own bed, a closet to store your belongings and a study desk with drawers. Each residence includes shared bathrooms and gathering spaces for informal conversations and relaxation time with your roommates. Cleaning is divided among all residents, so you will take turns with your classmates to maintain your residence hall. The dorms are conveniently located within a very close walking distance of the cafeteria, classrooms, library and laundry facilities.

Option 2: Homestay

You also have the opportunity to live with a Costa Rican family to fully immerse yourself in the Spanish language and local culture, while still having access to all the EARTH campus’s amenities and lush surroundings.


EARTH University is located in the lowland Caribbean humid tropics of Costa Rica. This means it’s warm and fairly humid all year, with average temperatures consistently measuring between 70°F and 90°F. (You’re not afraid of a little sweat!) Weather can change in an instant, and cleansing rains may come seemingly out of nowhere.


Lunch and dinner options seven days a weekOn-campus cafeteria offers delicious and healthy breakfastThe on-campus cafeteria offers delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner options seven days a week. The majority of the meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables and dairy products served at mealtime are actually sourced from EARTH University’s sustainable academic farms – talk about farm to table freshness! Plus, balanced vegetarian and non-gluten options are available at every meal service.

At breakfast, options include: freshly squeezed juices, eggs, local coffee, gallo pinto (a Costa Rican staple of rice and beans), hearty oatmeal, milk and diverse cereals, fresh fruits, yogurt and bread or tortilla.

At lunch – the largest meal of the day in Latin America – and dinner, options can include: salad (a build-your-own salad bar is available at lunch), meat choices (including a baked, breading-free option) or a vegetarian main course, rice, beans or lentils, cooked vegetables, soup, bread, fruit and dessert. Coffee, filtered water, local milk and fresh fruit juices are offered at every meal.

Student Center and La Jama

La Jama, our small convenience store, to buy snacks, late-night hot foods, toiletries and other essentials.The student center, where you’ll find TV rooms and board games, along with pool, Ping-Pong and foosball tables. You will likely spend some of your free time in the student center, where you’ll find TV rooms and board games, along with pool, Ping-Pong and foosball tables. While there, you can stop by La Jama, our small convenience store, to buy snacks, late-night hot foods, toiletries and other essentials. You can also rent free mats for our on-campus yoga and meditation classes.

Clubs and Recreation

EARTH’s campus features many fitness facilities – soccer fields, an outdoor swimming pool, basketball court, tennis and badminton courts, and a weight room. In addition, there are paved roads and dirt trails that offer many opportunities for biking, hiking, walking and running.
There are plenty of organized evening clubs and courses meeting weekly: basketball, dancing, swimming, badminton, weight training, athletic conditioning, soccer, Frisbee, volleyball, singing, Zumba, yoga and meditation. You can even participate in soccer and/or volleyball tournaments if you join a team. Be sure to bring appropriate athletic clothes and shoes/cleats.



University employees staff the laundry rooms on weekday mornings. You can buy tickets (U.S. $3) at La Jama to have your laundry done for you, or you can do it yourself for free in the evening or on weekends.
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