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So you want to go abroad…

● Looking for a destination that’s safe but never boring?

● Think it’d be cool to live in a tropical paradise?

● Hoping to learn or improve your Spanish?

Passionate about sustainability and ethical entrepreneurship?

If you responded YES! (or ¡SÍ!) to any/some/all of these questions, keep reading!
We believe EARTH University in Costa Rica is the place for you.

We offer a wide variety of one-of-a-kind study programs, special courses and internships within the Costa Rican rainforest.


Choosing the right place to study (and explore) is crucial.

We think you’d really enjoy our safe, sustainable, 8,340-acre University in the heart of the tropical Costa Rican rainforest.

Here you can aprovechar (take advantage of) free time in our integrated organic farm, butterfly garden, experimental peri-urban farm, and medicinal garden. Enjoy a dash of adventure on the weekends? You’re always a short bus ride away from the zesty flavors of Caribbean beach life, the protected sea turtles of Tortuguero National Park, the natural majesty of the Arenal and Poas volcanoes, the vast wisdom of local indigenous peoples, the colorful arts culture of San José, and the comforting aromas of your caffeine fix at thriving coffee plantations.

At EARTH University, you can learn or improve your Spanish while also figuring out how to advance the sostenibilidad (sustainability) of our world. We’re not talking about sitting in a stuffy classroom all day, either. Here, we focus on active, hands-on, experiential learning to strengthen your education and propel social change. We offer a variety of programs, from language studies to internships – it’s easy to find the right one for you.

Academic Programs

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Intern Abroad
Spanish Learning Courses
Intern Abroad

Duration: Minimum 4 weeks per focus area

Available start dates: You name it!

Spanish Learning Courses

Duration: You name it!

Available start dates: You name it!

EARTH University’s Spanish Language Institute offers intensive language-learning courses as either a standalone study or as a supplement to any of our existing programs – they pair especially well with the internship abroad program, for example. These courses are small-group or one-on-one and thus can be tailored specifically to your needs. That means classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced language learners are all available. During your time on campus, you also will have many opportunities to get involved in University life and activities with our full-time students, along with visiting local communities and traveling to impressive destinations across Costa Rica!

Please check with us for cost information as this depends on the number of hours you wish-require to enroll in.


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