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For Universities

The Office of International Academic Relations (RAI) at EARTH University offers various opportunities for students, faculty, visitors and academic institutions.
These include summer programs offered in association with a consortium of US universities, the opportunity to join EARTH’s regular courses for a trimester, an internship program, Spanish language training and specific custom-made programs designed for and/or together with partner universities.

We offer programs that, through a combination of class and fieldwork, teach sustainable development and explore strategies to address rural poverty, environmental and other global issues.
RAI is your point of entry to set up international academic partnerships, inter-institutional cooperation and Memoranda of Understanding. We also facilitate sabbaticals, guest lectures and academic visits.

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For Students

The Office of International Academic Relations (RAI) at EARTH University offers a series of programs that contribute to the international academic development of students and professors from around the world.

Our programs combine classroom work with real hands on experience and teach the fundamentals of sustainable development and strategies to tackle the toughest issues of our world today. In addition, our comprehensive Spanish courses help you sharpen your Spanish and develop confidence in your language abilities.

Whether you choose to become part of our University for a trimester, a short summer program, or an individualized internship, you will be involved in an intensive learning experience that will allow you to solve problems through a “learning by doing” approach.

Our international faculty, with worldwide experience in research and development, will assist you in your quest to better understand the critical issues facing our planet, especially as they relate to the tropics. You will leave with a new set of tools to help you make your contribution to the sustainability and developmental challenges of a global world.