*Since 2018, the Master’s Program is under curricular review and is not open for registration*

Since first offering its Licenciatura in Agricultural Sciences program, EARTH University has been an academic pioneer – educating young social entrepreneurs in sustainability and preparing them to be ethically minded leaders in businesses, nonprofits, governments and more.  The big purpose? Confronting humanity’s tallest hurdles, such as poverty, social inequality and climate change.

Through focus on leadership development, creativity activation, technology and international exposure, the Master’s in Agribusiness Innovation program equips professionals to tackle those pressing challenges.

The dual academic-professional program promotes the research, development and application of techno-innovation to advance rural areas around the globe socially, environmentally, productively and economically. Upon successful completion, students are conferred a Maestría en Innovación Agroempresarial degree.

Mission of the master's

Through this program, EARTH University offers students the preparation to become global entrepreneurial leaders committed to social and environmental transformation.

Applicant profile

In addition to fulfilling the established admission requirements, an applicant must showcase a sensitivity to and/or passion for climate and social change, sustainability and global innovation in the agribusiness sector.

Graduate profile

A graduate of this program will have been able to integrate into his/her educational profile:
✔ a holistic mentality capable of analyzing the pros and cons of agro-productive systems on a global level.
✔ a proactive attitude that generates creative, innovative and transformative thinking in technical as well as economic, environmental, business or social areas.
✔ knowledge, tools, methodologies and specific techniques for bringing about significant, high-impact changes in aspects critically linked to agribusiness, such as renewable energies, climate change, water, poverty and sustainability.
✔ entrepreneurial skills of leadership, communication, effective direction and management of transformative and innovative projects.
✔ principles and ethical values that ensure the implementation of systems and business procedures in a manner that is technically correct, economically healthy and socially responsible.

Academic plan

The Master’s in Agribusiness Innovation requires a minimum of 60 academic credits, consisting of onsite academic formation hours (lecture, laboratory and field), semi-onsite guided experiential hours, independent research hours, a graduation project and optional complementary courses. 







Agribusiness Innovation I 1 Innovation in the Value Chain
2 Innovation in Agricultural Production
3 Green Markets and Market Conduct


Global Economy and Regional Systems 1 Global Economy and Regional Systems
2 Global and International Markets
3 Green Markets and Market Conduct


Methods and Analysis of Agribusiness Investigation 1 Methods of Agribusiness Analysis
2 Statistical and Econometric Methods
3 Research Designs for Agribusinesses


Management and Quality Systems 1 Global Sustainability
2 Quality and Agribusiness Responsibility
3 Agribusiness Certifications


Climate Change and Sustainability 1 Agrotechnological Options in the Face of Climate Change
2 Renewable Energies for Agriculture
3 Environmental Impact and Natural Resource Evaluation


Agribusiness Innovation II 1 Professional Communication in Agribusiness
2 Agroindustrial Processing and Value Added for Innovation
3 Social Innovation and Organization Responsibility


Agribusiness Technologies 1 Use of the TIC in Agribusinesses
2 Geospatial Information Systems
3 Automation of Agribusiness Processes


Human Talent 1 Coaching for Knowledge Management and Business Capital
2 Legal Protection of Innovation
3 Ethics, Values and Image


Senior Management Agribusiness 1 Management and Global Finance
2 Market Intelligence, Agribusiness and Neuromarketing
3 Effective Management of Agribusiness Projects and Plans


Professional Experience in Agribusiness Innovation 1 Dual Experience in Agribusiness Innovation I
2 Dual Experience in Agribusiness Innovation II


Final Project Graduation Project in Agribusiness Innovation
Dual-enrollment program for current EARTH students
At present this program is in place for current students of EARTH University, who, in the final year of their undergraduate studies, can complete as electives the first modules and subjects of the Master’s in Agribusiness Innovation. This allows them to fully satisfy the graduation requirements of the master’s program in only one additional year. EARTH University intends to expand this program to other EARTH graduates, as well as graduates from other universities across the globe who meet the requirements and desired profile.

Contact: innova@earth.ac.cr