Share a dorm room; share your culture.  At EARTH, you will share a dorm room with another classmate of a different nationality in one of our thirteen gender-specific student residence buildings.

Within each room, you will have your own bed and an armoire to store your belongings.  In addition, you will have small vanity table with drawers and a desk where you can study.

Each residence includes shared bathrooms, living rooms and gathering areas for de-stressing with your roommates.

Cleaning is divided among all residents, so you will take turns with your classmates to maintain your residence hall.

For convenience, the dorms are located within close walking distance of the cafeteria, classrooms, library and laundry facilities.

In 2011, EARTH opened a “green” dorm, featuring energy-efficient lighting, solar water heaters, and a rainwater collection system for toilets and outdoor sinks.