Every year we invite our alumni to tell us about the impact they are having in their communities. In 2017, responses were received from 83 percent of alumni or 1770 of the 2131 total alumni at the time of the survey.

  • 82% work in their country of origin.
  • 84% lives in their country of origin.
  • Among those respondents with their own or family business, 67%report that they have created jobs.
  • Nearly 45% of graduates work in the private sector; of this group 24% have their own or family business.
  • 61% report having a positive impact on the business sector.
  • 68% report having a positive social impact.
  • 65% report having a positive environmental impact.
  • 63% report having had an impact in the technical / scientific sector.
  • 55% are active volunteers in their community.