Students learning in the field

EARTH offers you a path to leadership:

  • Develop an expansive vision of the agricultural sciences:

    With a world-class international faculty from more than 24 countries, EARTH’s educational program in the agricultural sciences integrates technical and scientific knowledge, entrepreneurial preparation, natural resources management and a socially and environmentally responsible vision of development. Joint research with national and international institutions provides opportunities for student innovation.

  • Learn through experience:

    Work on farms, nurseries and plantations; take interactive courses in classrooms; conduct experiments in laboratories; run your own business and engage with neighboring communities. The University has an 8,154-acre campus located in the province of Limón, Costa Rica and a 3,700-acre center in Guanacaste province called EARTH-La Flor.

  • Develop an entrepreneurial mentality:

    EARTH gives you the opportunity to create and manage your own business, preparing you to become an entrepreneur. Currently 20 percent of EARTH alumni are running their own businesses.

  • Complete an international internship:

    During the third year of study, you will do an internship that will permit you to further your knowledge in an area of interest and expand your network of personal and professional contacts.

  • Expand your social and environmental commitment:

    EARTH gives you a sustainable and equitable vision of development, applying practices that respect the environment and benefit diverse sectors, including small and medium-sized farmers.

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A one-of-a-kind opportunity awaits you at EARTH University.