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Dear friends,

As 2017 draws to a close, we wish to express our gratitude to all of you who, each and every day, help make EARTH University the special place it is. Thanks to your support, this year EARTH was able to touch the lives of more than 400 on-campus students, their families and their communities.

As a token of our appreciation, a group of EARTH students composed and performed this special musical message for you. As you will see, their rich talents extend far beyond sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship.

From our faculty, staff, and more than 400 students and 2,230 graduates:
Thanks for the inspiration!

Precious Akampurira (2019, Uganda) - Vocals

Precious – Vocals

Kalem García (2017, Ecuador)- Vocals

Kalem – Vocals

Peter Onyango (2020, Uganda) - Rap

Peter – Rap

Dasha Montcaim (2020, Costa Rica) - Vocals

Dasha – Vocals

Pamela Metadjer (2019, Guatemala) - Vocals/Keyboard

Pamela – Vocals/Keyboard

Daniela Onofre (2017, Ecuador) - Rainstick

Daniela – Rainstick

Jana Siimes (2017, Suecia) - Soprano Sax

Jana – Soprano Sax

Malcom Porteus (2019, Costa Rica) - Ukulele

Malcom – Ukulele

Fabricio Carbo (2017, Ecuador) - Percussion

Fabricio – Percussion

David Victor (2019, Costa Rica) - Acoustic Guitar

David – Acoustic Guitar

Juan Pablo Calvo - Bushido

Juan Pablo Calvo – Bushido

Juan Pablo Calvo is a sound engineer at BUSHIDO Audio Productions. His musical career began in 2004 with Time’s Forgotten, a Costa Rican progressive rock group. Since 2008, he has recorded and engineered for more than 60 bands, primarily rock and metal.

He is currently focused on a personal project called “Will of the Mountain”, in which he brings together singers of different groups.

Abel Guier - Gandhi

Abel Guier – Gandhi

In addition to being a composer and producer, Abel is the bassist of Gandhi, one of the most notable rock bands in Costa Rica. Since first hitting the scene in the early 1990s, he has worked with renowned Central American artists, including Bernal Villegas and Kurt Dyer, and recorded approximately 20 albums.

With Gandhi, he has traveled the world, played with the National Symphony Orchestra and won several awards. In concert, Gandhi has shared the stage with Aerosmith, Deep Purple, La Ley, Aterciopelados, Jaguares and Café Tacvba. He is also an instructor at the Bansbach Music Academy.