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The top seven updates to the EARTH community in 2017

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Date: February 27th, 2017

New president

After a 10-month selection process, EARTH’s Board of Directors selected Dr. Arturo Condo as the University’s second president. Founding University president Dr. José Zaglul retired from service on Dec. 31, after nearly three decades of leadership...

Harvard-trained Condo comes to our campus with a rich record of leadership and, only a few weeks into his tenure, a demonstrated ability for building relationships with students, faculty and staff. He is often recognized for his warmth, wisdom and interest in advancing opportunities for women.

His inauguration takes place in Guácimo, Costa Rica on March 9.

Get to know him better in the video below.

Shattering the jungle’s glass canopy

After 22 years as an EARTH professor, Dr. Yanine Chan was named dean of academic affairs – the leader who shepherds the University's education plan. She is the first woman to hold this title on our campus and intends to facilitate improved communication among EARTH’s many academic areas...
Her caring and students-first nature, along with her unrelenting commitment to EARTH’s mission in everything she does, made her a perfect fit for the role.

Watch this post-appointment interview with the dean here, (Subtitles in English).

Fresh faces in the faculty

EARTH has long been characterized by its renowned international faculty. This diversity enriches their learning environment, better preparing them for their eventual return to their communities to construct prosperous, just societies...
The faculty roster boasts almost 60 educators – both tenured and visiting – from 18 countries. Daniel Carballo, professor of animal reproduction and lactation, became a fixed member of the teaching team this year.

“I am proud to be part of the EARTH family,” Carballo said. “I assume this role with responsibility, dedication and ambitions of strengthening students’ deep understanding of livestock. I am here to contribute to the formation of leaders, guided by our institutional mission.” 

Daniel Carballo, professor of animal reproduction and lactation.

Daniel Carballo, professor of animal reproduction and lactation.


Eight EARTH-ians comprise our first graduate school cohort. The Master’s Degree in Agribusiness Innovation launched last month at EARTH-La Flor...
To make the transition easier, fourth-year students interested in pursuing the master’s can take a graduate-level elective course – and thus get a head start on their advanced degree – before heading to Guanacaste the following year.

“I believe it’s important to recognize how rapidly the world changes. The fact remains that the majority of universities design static programs. However, when a graduate enters the working world, he or she realizes that knowledge is constantly evolving,” Róger Castellón, master’s program coordinator, said. “Our professionals must develop an ability to adapt to the future. A master’s in innovation doesn’t allow you to rest on previously acquired knowledge; it compels you to be creative and to have an open mind, so that wherever you arrive, you find success.”

You can find more master’s information here.


‘Sustainability’ certainly doesn’t mean living in the dark. It actually requires embracing the latest technologies. Víctor Morales, professor of tropical silviculture, and Carlomagno Soto, professor of spatial information management, have been utilizing sensors, advanced software and drones, among other agricultural optimization tools, in their courses...

According to the two, students pushed for the opportunity to work more with such devices as yet another way to differentiate themselves from other graduating agronomists.

The professors’ objectives include increasing the accessibility of these technologies for the benefit of rural communities and incentivizing students to equip themselves with other skills, such as programming and website/app coding.

“All that we do is done with the notion that it will be accessible, motivating and refreshing for the students,” Soto said. “Of course we want to interest more students in the research and agricultural content generation that helps others. In the end, this is going to generate societal changes and achieve our objectives.”

Professors Victor Morales and Carlomagno Soto

Professors Victor Morales and Carlomagno Soto


‘Gathering our students to dial up donors and say thanks has become a cherished tradition at EARTH. Earlier this month, 24 members of our academic community participated in this gratitude-spreading activity. In total, they contacted more than 390 donors...

This year’s edition of the event had an expanded scope. Usually focused on North America, volunteers were able to reach out to donors and graduates from the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe, too.

Thanks for your support!

Some students during this year's Thank-A-Thon

Some students during this year’s Thank-A-Thon


‘Each year, our admissions reach expands – allowing us to bring in qualified students from countries previously untouched by EARTH. Along with the rest of the students who arrived as the Class of 2020, we are pleased to welcome Elisabeth Bakoubolo (’20, Togo) and Bleck Tita (’20, Cameroon) – each representing a country new to our campus...

“People want to be part of something that contributes to making a difference,” Bleck said. “As the first Cameroonian student in this University, I feel optimistic that Cameroon has joined the fight for a better world. I know I’m in the right place to start my journey toward the improvement of humanity.”

Bleck ('20, Cameroon) giving a speech on the first day of school

Bleck (’20, Cameroon) giving a speech on the first day of school

The Class of 2020 is composed of 116 students – 57 women and 59 men – from 29 countries. You can read more about them here.

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