An ordinary day in the life of our extraordinary students

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Date: May 23rd, 2013

Just as they share a passion for agronomy and a dream to create a more just society, our students also share their lives during the four years that they call EARTH home. During this time, all of the students live on campus and are part of the larger family that includes faculty and staff. With more than 30 nationalities represented, even the normal interactions of everyday life on campus create a culturally rich experience unique to EARTH University.

The school day here is a long one by most people’s standards. It starts at six a.m. and sometimes lasts until six p.m, with students attending classes and lectures and also doing hands on work in the field. The academic load here is demanding, but the admissions process is rigorous in selecting students who are prepared for the challenge. However, nothing stops life at EARTH from being entertaining and dynamic; from sharing interests and hobbies and learning about new cultures. It is decidedly difficult to be bored on campus.

We asked a few students about their experience living at EARTH and this is what they had to share:

What is a typical day like at EARTH?

I get up, go to breakfast and then to class. A lot of times I go swimming with a friend and then go to lunch. If there is time in the afternoon, I take a nap before going to class again. Sometimes I go to Aromas (the coffee shop on campus) and have a coffee when I don’t have to work and then I have homework in the afternoon and at night. At night we get together in the dorms with friends and watch movies or eat food. A lot of times somebody will make a dish for the food processing class, and so we take it to the dorms and share with everyone. You can also go to clubs, I go to Yoga Club every Wednesday, and sometimes there are fun cultural activities.

What were the changes that were hardest to get used to?

It takes a lot of work to adapt to the food here because it’s very different from your country, but in general it’s easy to adjust. Your friends become your brothers and sisters, you live together every day and you get used to them. It’s really great; you learn a lot about other cultures.

Was it hard for you to get used to waking up at 6 am and taking a cold shower?

Honestly, for me I shower at night, like around 11 p.m. In the morning we go out to the fields and it’s just not worth the effort. After I get back to campus though I do take a shower.

I do shower in the morning to help wake me up. If I don’t shower, I can’t go to class. The water isn’t even that cold, it feels really good.

What do you do in your free time?

Some people go out dancing, others play music or paint. There are some that like to surf the internet or read. It’s time for us that we don’t have to do things that are school related. I normally exercise, play music or dance; I’m in the Afro-Carribean Dance Club.

What country is your roommate from? Was it easy to adapt to living with someone from a different culture?

He [my roommate] is from Costa Rica and its quite fun because we are so different but we still understand each other really well. We never have problems and we always get along, but at the same time we have respect for each other’s personal space. I mean, I say we are different because it’s difficult to explain our ways of being and our customs; we come from very different realities. We don’t see things the same way. The important thing is to learn to live with the differences.

What do you think about having classmates from around the world?

It was one of the things that made me want to study here, because I’ve always loved to travel and get to know other cultures and it was great to come here and find people from more than 30 different cultures.
It’s really good, you learn about all different cultures. Sometimes there is a culture clash, though. My old roommate hated Mexican music; he only wanted to listen to Bob Marley.

What is your favorite cafeteria food?

The pasta and the lasagna, it’s so good!

Rice and Beans.

Rice and Beans.

What is your favorite animal on campus?

I like the armadillos and the squirrels because there aren’t any in Haiti. But the monkeys that wake me up in the morning are the best.

My favorite animal is the sloth, they are so sweet.

What do you like most about your life here at EARTH?

EARTH is an incredible place, but what I like most is that I can learn not only about school, but about life. Learning to live with people who are so different from me and from countries I’ve never heard of outside of geography class, for me it’s like “Wow.”

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