EARTH graduate supplies quality meat to Costa Rican hospitals

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Date: January 5th, 2017

Tres Jotas Agroindustrial Group, the family company of EARTH graduate José Joaquín Delgado (‘15, Costa Rica), recently won a bid to provide quality meats to 28 nationwide hospitals of the Costa Rican Health System over the next four years.

According to José, this was the first time a request for proposal (RFP) of this type had been issued. In addition to the economic consideration, Tres Jotas was interested in participating for the opportunity to provide every corner of the country with quality meat. “The bid includes 22 cuts of beef and pork. They standardized the quality of the product, meaning whenever the hospitals make a request they will be guaranteed a supplier that delivers promptly and won’t give them an inferior product,” José said.

The first phase of selection process featured 20 competitors, of whom the best five were selected. The Health System performed a final test evaluating the vying companies’ prices and quality. They inspected plants, reviewed occupational practices, and graded product excellence. This is where Tres Jotas stood out from the rest. “In the evaluation, we had the highest score in quality (93 out of 100). In the total, which included the price factor, we scored 88 out of 100. The second place competitor’s overall score was 77 out of 100,” José said.

The Tres Jotas plant was thoroughly inspected during the bidding process, receiving the highest score of all competitors.

During the month of January of 2017, José was finishing the gradual rollout of meat to nationwide hospitals. The whole company is definitely excited about its huge new client.

We are obviously thrilled, although it’s a great challenge. We must establish all the logistics for delivery, trucks, the product in general and much more. However, we are guaranteeing hospitals a standardized quality. For example, we are making sure that hospitals in rural areas receive first-class food, which has been reflected in the congratulatory messages we have received for the quality and presentation of the product.

Tres Jotas Agroindustrial Group

Tres Jotas is dedicated to the sale of beef, pork, chicken, fish, sausage and seafood.

Tres Jotas Agroindustrial Group, founded in 2009 as a family business selling various meat products, today has a staff of around 300 employees, including Kenneth Navarro (‘13, Costa Rica) who is the production manager. Tres Jota has its main offices in Perez Zeledon, in the south of Costa Rica, and a recently opened distribution center near San José, which aims to cover the Central Valley. They have 33 distribution routes, including along the Panamanian border, to towns like Golfito, San Vito and Rio Claro, to the Pacific coastal town of Jacó, to San Isidro del General, in the southern region of Los Santos, and within the Greater Metropolitan Area.

José Joaquín at EARTH

José was part of the 2012-2015 class and his life-long dream of studying at EARTH was cultivated by his father’s friend, an EARTH alumnus.

José Joaquín at the processing plant.

José Joaquín at the processing plant.

“I chose EARTH because, ever since I can remember, it has been my goal. It was a dream of my parents and mine that I study there, especially since they did not have the opportunity to obtain a university education. I am the first of my family to earn a college degree. In addition to the knowledge I acquired, I can say that the most rewarding part of my four years at EARTH was developing my personal learning process. When I began living on my own, remembering my responsibilities, what to do, etc., it helped me stand on my own and make my own decisions.”


  1. charlotte metcalf says:

    How are your animals raised??? photos, story?
    former member of the EARTH Foundation Board

    • EARTH University says:

      Thanks for the question, Charlotte. EARTH graduate José assures that his animals are treated with respect. His cows spend half of each day at pasture.

  2. Luisa Acuña says:

    ¡Felicitaciones y muchos éxitos!

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