Horsing around at EARTH’s campus stables

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Date: March 9th, 2016

EARTH University was created to prepare agricultural engineers to be leaders and agents of change in environmental awareness, where people learn applicable life skills in the beginning of their careers.

Photos and text by The MasterCard Foundation Scholar, David Araya (’16, Costa Rica).

Therefore, each academic leader is looking for ways to teach the most practical methods possible, or as we call it here, “learning by doing”.
From this philosophy, the Work Experience was born. Today we will take a virtual tour of the campus stable led by Professor Jorge Celso Rodríguez.

In the stable, the students focus on learning how to manage horses both in health, nutrition, and practical uses. They learn everything from how to place the saddle to how to feed and inject the horses. In this experience, the students learn to perform as engineers.

The Work Experience course is taught Wednesdays and Saturdays, lasts five hours per day, and involves five students. Take a virtual tour of the University’s stables.

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