25 years planting seeds of change

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Date: January 30th, 2015

The 2015 Inauguration Ceremony featured a discussion panel with renowned Costa Rican sculptor Jorge Jiménez Deredia, pioneer graduate Freddy D’Oleo (’93, Dominican Republic), new student Maddalena Bettoni (’18, Italy) and EARTH University President José Zaglul.

On January 12, EARTH University kicked off its 25th Anniversary with a special Inauguration Ceremony to officially welcome the Class of 2018 and commemorate EARTH’s journey of growth. In just 25 years, EARTH has evolved from an little-known university committed to preparing leaders from the humid tropics to a global institution with students and graduates illuminating lives in the Americas, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe.

Raphael Loubert (’18, Belgium) discovered EARTH by

Raphael Loubert (’18, Belgium) discovered EARTH by “pure chance” while traveling through Costa Rica.

The Class of 2018 is EARTH’s most international class in history, representing 35 nations that include seven new countries: Belgium, Chile, Italy, Madagascar, Malawi, Nevis and Zambia.

Raphael Loubert (’18, Belgium) shares his ideas for implementing the knowledge and skills he will acquire in the next four years: “I would like to work in urban agriculture and help people become more self-sustainable- you can grow food on the roof, the balcony, wherever there is sun and water. I’ve always had a respect and love for nature and the environment and I want to encourage that mentality in Europe.”

Thabu Mugala ('18, Zambia) is one of the first Zambian students to attend EARTH University.

Thabu Mugala (’18, Zambia) is one of the first Zambian students to attend EARTH University.

For The MasterCard Foundation Scholar Thabu Mugala (’18, Zambia), being among the first Zambian students at EARTH is both “a privilege and a great responsibility.” She adds, “I will work hard and set a good example for the students who follow me, I want to see more Zambians at EARTH in the years to come. Together we can build a more efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly Zambia and Africa as a whole.”

Thabu and Raphael are just two examples of future leaders who will use their talent and passion to promote sustainable development not only in their communities, but also their continents, reflecting the globalization of EARTH’s mission to construct more prosperous and just societies.

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  1. Kandy says:

    Me siento feliz de ser una EARTHiana, y saber que hay nuevos países que se unen a la familia EARTH me ayuda a comprender que tenemos mucho que hacer por este mundo que nos necesita.

  2. Francisco Gutierrez Promo 94 says:

    25 annos de sangre, sudor, lagrimas y esfuerzos. Los suennos de multiples generaciones realizados. La tierra en EARTH vive por eso. Carinosos saludos a todos los egresados y a los actuals estudiantes. Un especial saludo a Don Saglul por su dedicacion desde dia cero hasta ahora; que vio crecer a la institucion que es hoy en dia, que nos ha visto crecer como profesionales. 25 annos parece que fue ayer y en nuestros corazones siempre sera asi.

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