EARTH researcher Project name and description
Alex Gilman
  • Semi-dry biodigestion and the use of pressure washers with motors powered by biogas, financed by BioLAC network
  • Forest restoration of diversity and basal area in abandoned cattle pastures, Costa Rica
Bert Kohlmann
  • Energy utilization of agro-waste to contribute to the regional development and climate protection in Costa Rica, in collaboration with BMBF, Germany
  • Functional bioindicator of land-use changes in Brazil’s Jaguaribe river basins,in collaboration with Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA)
  • Microscopic bioindicators of water quality, in collaboration with Humboldt Foundation and Technical University of Dresden
  • Bioindicators and management in forestry, biodiversity and water, in collaboration with Norwegian academic institutions
Humberto Lebalnc
  • Nitrogen fixation of legume species Cratylia argentea in humid tropic conditions in Costa Rica
Irene Alvarado
  • Soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) as alternative feed for livestock in the humid tropical region in Costa Rica
Ivannia Sánchez
  • Adding value to cocoa production at EARTH
Johan Perret
  • Center for Excellence in Precision Agriculture at EARTH-La Flor for farmers in Guanacaste, financed by SBN-Costa Rica
José Cristino Melgar
  • Early detection and management of Moko Diseases in EARTH commercial banana plantation
José Eduardo Villalobos
  • Evaluation of drought-tolerant grasses in the dry tropics of La Flor, Guanacaste, in collaboration with CIAT
Julieta Mazzola
  • Impact of improved cook stoves on the conservation of the natural resources in Costa Rica, in collaboration with Cummins
Luis Jiménez

José Cristino Melgar

  • Natural agronomic system for management of Black Sigatoka disease, financed by the British Embassy
Luis Pocasangre
  • Microbial uptake in sustainable management of major pests and diseases of banana and plantain (MUSA), incollaboration with European Commission-Horizon 2020
  • Evaluation of induced resistance and bionematicides to control parasitic nematodes on banana, in collaboration with Alltech
  • Biological enhancement of banana tissue culture using endophytes, in collaboration with Agrobio tecnologia de Costa Rica
  • INREF, Panama disease in banana: multi-level solutions for a global problem, in collaboration with Wageningen University (Netherlands)
  • Agronomic evaluation of cocoa germplasm for resistanceto diseases under organic conditions, in collaboration with CATIE
  • The use of plastic cover for managing Moko disease, financed by Yamber-VTH
Tita Walter

Luis Pocasangre

  • Integrated management of thrips in mango, in collaboration with Manga Rica
Róger Castellón
  • Socioeconomic studies of the agroforestry cocoa plantation
Víctor Morales
  • Monitoring of the forest biological asset of EARTH University.
  • Evaluation of the agroforestry trial EARTH coffee (with professor Argenis Mora).
  • Remote detection with unmanned aerial systems for the territorial organization of forestry and agricultural farms.
  • Evaluation of bamboo preservation treatments (Guadua angustifolia) in the humid tropics of Costa Rica.
  • Update and management of the Geospatial Information System of EARTH University (with professor Carlomagno Soto).
  • Creation of the Geomatics and Remote Detection Unit within the framework of the training program of EARTH University (with professors Carlomagno Soto and Warner Rodriguez).
  • Use of ARDUINO for the development of innovative solutions in forest and agricultural sciences.
Udi Manddel
  • A cacao regenerative economy in the Talamanca Region: A participatory and integrated action-research project
Yanine Chan
  • Adding value to fruits and vegetables in the Chorotega Region of Costa Rica