EARTH researcher Project name and description
Alex Gilman Semi-dry biodigestion and the use of pressure washers with motors powered by biogas, financed by BioLAC network

Forest restoration of diversity and basal area in abandoned cattle pastures, Costa Rica

Bert Kohlmann Energy utilization of agro-waste to contribute to the regional development and climate protection in Costa Rica, in collaboration with BMBF, Germany

Functional bioindicator of land-use changes in Brazil’s Jaguaribe river basins,in collaboration with Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA)

Microscopic bioindicators of water quality, in collaboration with Humboldt Foundation and Technical University of Dresden

Bioindicators and management in forestry, biodiversity and water, in collaboration with Norwegian academic institutions

Humberto Lebalnc Nitrogen fixation of legume species Cratylia argentea in humid tropic conditions in Costa Rica
Irene Alvarado

Soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) as alternative feed for livestock in the humid tropical region in Costa Rica

Ivannia Sánchez

Adding value to cocoa production at EARTH

Johan Perret

Center for Excellence in Precision Agriculture at EARTH-La Flor for farmers in Guanacaste, financed by SBN-Costa Rica

José Cristino Melgar

Early detection and management of Moko Diseases in EARTH commercial banana plantation

José Eduardo Villalobos

Evaluation of drought-tolerant grasses in the dry tropics of La Flor, Guanacaste, in collaboration with CIAT

Julieta Mazzola

Impact of improved cook stoves on the conservation of the natural resources in Costa Rica, in collaboration with Cummins

Luis Jiménez

Roque Vaquero

José Cristino Melgar

Natural agronomic system for management of Black Sigatoka disease, financed by the British Embassy
Luis Pocasangre

Microbial uptake in sustainable management of major pests and diseases of banana and plantain (MUSA), incollaboration with European Commission-Horizon 2020

Evaluation of induced resistance and bionematicides to control parasitic nematodes on banana, in collaboration with Alltech

Biological enhancement of banana tissue culture using endophytes, in collaboration with Agrobio tecnologia de Costa Rica

INREF, Panama disease in banana: multi-level solutions for a global problem, in collaboration with Wageningen University (Netherlands)

Agronomic evaluation of cocoa germplasm for resistanceto diseases under organic conditions, in collaboration with CATIE

The use of plastic cover for managing Moko disease, financed by Yamber-VTH

Tita Walter

Luis Pocasangre

Integrated management of thrips in mango, in collaboration with Manga Rica
Nico Evers Africa Alumni Project, financed by Mastercard Foundation and conducted in collaboration with the following universities: California-Berkeley, Simon Fraser, Michigan State, McGill, and Toronto
Róger Castellón Socioeconomic studies of the agroforestry cocoa plantation
Roque Vaquero

Evaluation of breadfruit germplasm in the humid tropics, incollaboration with Global Breadfruit

Agroforestry organic banana project, in collaboration with Whole Foods Market

Víctor Morales

Establishment of an agroforestry system with native species in the dry tropics

Udi Manddel

A cacao regenerative economy in the Talamanca Region: A participatory and integrated action-research project

Yanine Chan

Adding value to fruits and vegetables in the Chorotega Region of Costa Rica