Udi Mandel Butler / England/Brazil
Degree: Ph.D.
Course: Communication

Tobias Wünscher Victor Hugo Morales Peña


Udi is the Professor of Communication for first and second-year students and mentors third years in their Communication projects. Udi’s background is in Social Anthropology (PhD Goldsmiths College, London), International Development (MSc University of Bristol) and Fine Art (MA Edinburgh University). Over the last 12 years, he taught in a number of universities, mainly in the UK. His interests are in the area of transformative and experiential learning in higher education and the role of the university in engaging with the serious problems we face in the world today. To this end he is the co-creator of the Enlivened Learning project - an initiative to learn from and connect higher education places around the world grounded in transformative learning based on indigenous knowledges, social and ecological movements. For Udi learning/teaching are not only ways of knowing more about ourselves, each other and the world we live in, but they are also transformative practices that encourage more caring ways of being and relating. Udi is also a documentary filmmaker and teaches a range of communication tools and approaches that strengthens students’ skills and confidence in bringing about a more sustainable future.

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