Profesor: Steven Brenes Prendas


Steven Brenes Prendas / Costa Rica
Degree: M.Sc.
Course: Pest Control: Weeds and Elective Course: Rice Cultivation

Róger Castellón Mora Victor Hugo Morales Peña


Steven Brenes teaches Pest Control, with a focus on weeds. He also collaborates with the Crops Farm’s integral management area in the Work Experience course. He is a specialist in Weeds Management; he completed his under- and postgraduate studies at the University of Costa Rica, obtaining an M.Sc title in Crops Protection. Steven area of expertise focuses on research and teachings in weeds’ rational management, as well as the ecological and biological bases that explain their presence in agroecosystems. In the rational pesticides management field, he develops rational, safe and sustainable uses of substances for agricultural purposes, as well as action mechanisms and their management to help avoid resistance to plague organisms. He is also the Academic Livestock Supervisor for the University.

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