Sergio Callau / Spain
Degree: Ph.D.
Course: Written communication

Ndonkeu Tita Walter Alex Pacheco Bustos


Sergio Callau is a written communication specialist and teaches various levels and participates in the remodeling of the communication program of the University. This program is a core part of the professional and personal profile desired for the graduates of EARTH.

Before coming to EARTH, Sergio worked as a professor of Spanish and Latin America Literature at Zaragoza University-where he obtained his master’s degree in Spanish Philology- and Valencia University, both in Spain. He has also worked as a Spanish language professor at Stony Brook University in New York, where he obtained his doctorate in Spanish Language and Literature in 2003. Sergio has also taught at the high school level in the public school system in Spain and has a variety of educative experience and management of social projects with the Picarral Foundation. His research interests focus on the power of popular culture to configure key texts from both coasts of the Atlantic, from colonial to contemporary times.

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