Rafael Marzall do Amaral / Brazil
Degree: D.Sc.
Course: Tropical Animal Production

Nichole McVeigh Tobias Wünscher


Rafael holds a Master’s degree from the Estadual de Maringá University in Brazil and a doctorate from the Federal de Viçosa University in Brazil, both in Animal Science. In his course, he teaches and applies techniques that promote sustainable intensification in animal production. In this way, he contributes to a more efficient use of natural resources, lowering the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions and improving the lives of those who depend on the land. Before EARTH, he taught Agronomy and Animal Science undergraduate courses at the Federal de Santa Catarina University in Brazil, teaching classes of Alternative feeds and additives, Biostatistics, Computing applied to animal production, Beef and Dairy cattle production, Sheep and goat production, among others. In the graduation projects, with fourth year EARTH students, he advises in management of tropical forages and ruminants production.

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