Profesora: Paola Chavarría Rodríguez


Paola Chavarría Rodríguez / Costa Rica
Degree: M.Sc.
Course: Inorganic Chemical Processes / Organic Chemical and Biochemical Processes

Mildred Linkimer Abarca Róger Castellón Mora


Paola started her university studies at the Universidad de Costa Rica where she graduated in chemistry. After that, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Agricultural Chemistry and Novel Foods at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. During that period, she worked in the preparation of enriched botanical extracts for application in the food industry. Before coming to EARTH, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of quality control, research and development. Her work experience includes instrumental analysis, quality and management systems, metrological control, studies on chemical interactions and chemical formulation. Additionally, she has worked as a professor and researcher in universities in Costa Rica such as Universidad Estatal a Distancia, Universidad Técnica Nacional and Universidad de Iberoamérica.

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