Marvin Mora, Grado: Máster en Administración de Proyectos Curso: Taller Preparatorio en Computación


Marvin Mora Díaz / Costa Rica
Degree: M.Sc.
Course: Computing

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Marvin Mora Díaz is the Director of the Computer Science Services Unit, and also teaches a preparatory course in Computing to first-year students. He has more than thirty-four years’ experience in Computer Science; during which he has also worked in different international companies, where he has developed important enterprise software projects and platform infrastructures, such as main frames, mini and macro computers and internet. He has also led computer science departments in multinational enterprises, in different work fields such as insurance, software development and agriculture. Marvin holds a bachelor’s degree in Theology; he is certified as a Green Belt in Six Sigma by Cummins and as Professional Project Manager from the Project Management Institute in the Unites States.

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