Profesora: Julieta Mazzola


Julieta Mazzola / Argentina
Degree: Ph.D.
Course: Rural Development and Sustainable Communities

José Eduardo Villalobos Leandro Junior Acosta Peña


Julieta has been working at EARTH University since 2007, where she teaches courses related to human development, equity and rural development. Some of her topics of interest are: inequality and poverty, gender, social participation and mobilization, territorial development, sustainability, community organization and sustainable communities. She previously worked at the University of Salvador (2000-2005 in Buenos Aires, Argentina), conducting research on socio-environmental aspects and teaching undergraduate and graduate courses. She has also facilitated trainings and strengthened skills of rural farmers and leaders of organizations and has promoted organizational processes with local actors. She completed her Master’s degree in Environmental and Territorial Studies at the University of Deusto in 1999 (San Sebastian, Spain) with a grant from the Argentinian Ministry of Culture and Education and finished her PhD in Social Sciences at the National University (Costa Rica) in 2015. She has written several articles related with environmental education, community engagement and social organization, and has participated in conferences at a national and international level.

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