José Eduardo Villalobos Leandro / Costa Rica
Degree: M.Sc.
Course: Soil properties of the tropics/Management and conservation of soils in the tropics

Irmino Perera Díaz Julieta Mazzola


José Eduardo Villalobos Leandro is a professional in soil and water science. Because of his passion for agriculture, José works as a professor at EARTH University in the Soil Management and Precision Agriculture areas. He has specialized in the integration of layers of information (soil, plant, and remote) for a successful farm diagnosis, optimizing the productive efficiency of farms through sustainable soil management and precision agriculture. The focus of his work is the efficient use of nutrients and water in crops. He is the coordinator of the Precision Agriculture Center (CAP) where the team is currently implementing projects and providing precision agriculture services to farmers. Regarding his education, José Eduardo Villalobos Leandro is an agronomist graduated from EARTH University with a master's degree in Soil and Water Science from the University of Florida, United States. Throughout his career, he has gained experience working for sugar cane companies in Florida and Panama. He also has gained experience as a farmer. In addition, he has participated as a thesis advisor and worked in research. He has published various papers with the results of his research processes.

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