Profesor: Gregory Guevara


Gregory Guevara / Costa Rica
Degree: M.Sc.
Course: Irrigation and Drainage

Elizabeth León Rodríguez Gustavo Castro García


Gregory has a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering and a Master’s in Natural Resources Management and Production Technologies from the Costa Rican Institute of Technology. He is currently the Professor of the Irrigation and Drainage course in fourth year and an active member of the Forestry scenario in the Work Experience course. His teaching methodology, based in projects and real cases, develops technical abilities in water resources management and in the design of their control structures. His main interests are focused in hydraulic modeling for an efficient management of water and soil resources in agriculture. Before joining EARTH, he worked for more than 12 years with Netafim company in the development of irrigation projects (high and medium technology) and water conduction and treatment, having an impact in more than 25.000 hectares of extensive crops in different Latin American countries, and bringing all that experience for the educational processes of his students.

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