Elmer Cantarero Martínez / Honduras
Degree: MBA
Course: Entrepreneurial Projects

Alex Gilman Nichole McVeigh


Professor Cantatero is passionate about the search for solving social problems through the creation of businesses. Elmer has been an entrepreneur in agribusiness companies and a volunteer in project diagnostics for the Community Development Institute of Honduras (INPADECO), where he is currently a board member. Elmer collaborated in a United States Department of Agriculture’s project while he was an intern at the food chemistry laboratory at Louisiana State University (LSU). The project consisted of finding a way to reduce the detection time of Vibrio parahaemolyticus using DNA hybridization and direct colony immunoblot. During 2010 and 2011, Elmer was the national marketing representative for Monsanto in Honduras and, until 2015, he was an international consultant in commercial and financial strategy for agribusiness in Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and Uganda. Currently, Professor Cantatero is a facilitator of entrepreneurial projects at EARTH University. Elmer holds a bachelor's degree in agroindustry from the Pan-American School of Agriculture Zamorano and a master's degree in Agribusiness Management from INCAE Business School and CATIE. His areas of interest are focused on the access of small farmers to emerging markets.

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