Profesor: Argenis Mora


Argenis Mora / Venezuela
Degree: Ph.D.
Course: General Statistics

Ana Cristina Tamayo Domínguez Carlos Orozco Corrales


Argenis Mora is a professor of applied statistics and the fourth-year coordinator within the academic program. He participates in the forestry learning scenario for the Work-Experience course. He is a specialist in the design and analysis of experiments and in the use of the R software. He concluded his postgraduate studies at the Central University of Venezuela, obtaining a Master’s degree in Statistics and then earned a Ph.D in Tropical Agro-Forestry at the Center for Tropical Agronomic Research and Education (CATIE, Costa Rica). Before coming to EARTH, Argenis taught in both undergraduate and graduate programs at the faculty of Forestry Science in the University of Los Andes, Venezuela.

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