Profesora: Ana Cristina Tamayo Domínguez


Ana Cristina Tamayo Domínguez / Colombia
Degree: Ph.D.
Course: Applied genetics

Amy Grace Porter Argenis Mora


Ana Cristina teaches applied genetics. She also participates in research activities in the natural resources laboratory, in the area of molecular biology with molecular markers and in in-vitro multiplication of plants. The principal objectives of her class are to help students to develop the necessary capabilities to explain and apply the principles of genetic improvement of animals and plants for use in the humid tropics, to learn to understand the use of molecular biology in agriculture, and to develop the capacity to select for desirable characteristics in animal and plant species. Before coming to work at EARTH, Ana Cristina worked in Colombia with a private company dedicated to the production of cardamom for export. She has degrees in Agronomic Engineering, a Master of Science in Biotechnology, from the National University of Colombia and a Ph.D. in Education.

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